You may have heard on social media that things are happening with the Governor’s School program and that is correct. This is what has happened:


The North Carolina Senate voted on their proposed budget this year this past week and in the initial bill from the Senate Appropriations on Education/ Higher Education, the Governor’s School Program was not funded at all for either the 2017 or 2018 sessions. An Amendment was voted on the next day which restored funding to the program for 2017, but ended funding for the program in 2018. The money for 2018 would be divided between the Summer Ventures Program and a new program called the Legislative School for Leadership and Public Service. The Amendment was approved by the Senate and is part of the budget. The text of the Amendment can be found at this link. If there is no change in the House, Governor’s School funding after this summer will be gone and very hard to restore.

So what can we do? If you still live in North Carolina, you can go out and contact your representatives and members of the General Assembly requesting for the funding to be restored in their proposed budget. If your parents are still in North Carolina, you can have them contact their representatives also. We need to positively inform the General Assembly about all of the great things which Governor’s School does every year. The Governor’s School Foundation currently has information up about who to contact and some suggestions for things to say. You can find all of that information at this link here.

One thing I can not stress enough is that we need to contact people right away. We do not know when the House will be done with their budget proposal, so it needs to be done soon. We also encourage you to contact your own Representative and Senator about the proposed changes to Governor’s School. They need to be informed about what the program does and how it continues to impact your life today.

Thank you so much for all of your help. The Alumni contributed so much to helping save the program before and we know you will do so again. The Association will provide updates here and on Facebook as we know more.


Chuck Hensey, President Governor’s School Alumni Association



Information about Governor’s School Funding and the North Carolina General Assembly

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