Over the years we have accumulated quite a collection of testimonials, memories and even survey data.

John Coffey, Class of 1971, Art

John Coffey is Chairman of the Curatorial Department and Curator of American and Modern Art at the North Carolina Museum of Art. In that position, he is participating in bringing some ambitious dreams to fruition, including planning and acquisitions for an outdoor art facility that will combine performance space with large-scale sculpture. In addition to building the permanent collections of the Museum and curating special exhibits, Coffey also plays a prominent part in the Museum’s outreach efforts, travelling around the state to give lectures in various public venues.

Asked if Governor’s School was genuinely influential in his professional direction and development, he describes the GS experience variously as a “turning point,” the “galvanizing impulse for my ambition to build a career in the field of art,” and as the source of his “craving for creative and imaginative thought.” If that hasn’t quite made his point strongly enough, he says it was “the single most important experience of my life.”