1990 Choral Music
From Mecklenburg County
Governor’s school played a huge role in the way I see myself as an important part of the communities I have lived in. It helped me to open my eyes to the world around me and accept that along with my talents and abilities comes a responsibility to serve in the public arena.
2003 Choral Music
From Wake County
I am a training leader for new improvisers at ComedyWorx, a comedy club in Raleigh.
1986 Math
From Robeson County
I have held many roles in the Washington DC area chapter of the NC State Alumni Club, including 2 years as president and 4 years as Membership VP.
1996 Choral Music
From Macon County
I own and opperate my own non-profit public charity, in addition to the above.
1994 Social Science
From Henderson County
I am a pediatrician working with underserved children in Wilmington, Delaware. I was a US Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa. I worked as a teacher in an inner-city school. I was the president of my neighborhood civic association. I participated in 2 post-Katrina disaster relief trips with medical students, and helped found a disaster preparedness program for Temple medical students. I still remember specific things Clem Brown and Bear taught me at GSE and am close with GSE 2004 grads.
1980 Choral Music
From Cumberland County
Although I have a career in Finance, I attended GS in chroal music and still sing/perform. I’m the male soloist with a big band and a jazz trio and have just released my debut CD.
2005 Math
From Yadkin County
Most of my volunteer works comes from my involvement in a Co-Ed Honor Fraternaty (Phi Sigma Pi) and my service as Vice President of our chapter at NC State University. Currently, in addition to working toward my PhD at Wake Forest, I also teach a fitness class at a local gym.
2003 Natural Science
From Cabarrus County
My friend and I started a 501(c)3 nonprofit several years ago, the POP Project, whose mission is to promote literacy and access to books. I also manage a handful of blogs, and make appearances in town based on my blog work. We also run the Asheville Blogger Society, a networking and educational group in town.
1971 Social Science
From Catawba County
I have been active in many Arts organizations as well.
2011 Inst. Music
From Forsyth County
I am in Winston-Salem Youth Council, and this year we are partnering with Habitat for Humanity to sponsor a house.
1963 Inst. Music
From Lenoir County
I served as an appointed public official in NC for 7 years.
2011 Math
From Pitt County
Governor’s School was the best experience I’ve ever had.
1971 Natural Science
From Madison County
I have served as Vice President for Program for the local Council of the Boy Scouts of America. I have served as a volunteer for the Wake County public schools as an instructor in the Junior Great Books program. I have volunteered with the NCSU supported program of Scientists in the Classroom.
1998 English
From Buncombe County
I volunteer for a local arts organisation other than the one where I am currently employed.
2011 Natural Science
From Watauga County
I serve on Watauga County’s Student Services Committee. I am an intern at the Appalachian District Health Department (with pay). I am an intern at Appalachian State University’s microbiology lab (without pay). I am a part of Mountain Alliance, an leadership development program at my school. I also serve on the Mountain Alliance Student Leadership Committee with plans events for MA. I regularly volunteer with this organization.
2011 Social Science
From Pamlico County
Worked with Red Cross during aftermath of Hurricane Irene
1974 Natural Science
From Edgecombe County
I am retired military—served for 28 yrs in the U.S. Navy—retired as an O-6 Navy Physician in 2003. Returned to NC in 2003 (had always maintained my official NC residency while in the military) and have been Division Chief of Endocrinology at the ECU Brody School of Medicine since 2003. Almond J. Drake, III
1970 Natural Science
From Guilford County
Since the recession, my work hours have changed to evenings, so I can no longer participate in the volunteer activities I was doing before.
1963 Natural Science
From Catawba County
I have 38 years experience in teaching and research at both colleges and high schools and 12 years experience engaging in chemistry research at the US Dept. of Agriculture.
1975 English
From Anson County
I am on the board of directors for the Cape Fear Economic Development Council, which works for sustainable economic development in the Cape Fear region.
1993 Choral Music
From Charlotte-Mecklenburg County
You forgot one — I am a teacher in NC.
2009 Inst. Music
From Wake County
Volunteer work: Holy Cross School (Ambergris Caye, Belize) The Belize Zoo Hike for Humanity: International Service Learning – Panama NC Tornado Relief (Holly Springs) 2011 NC Hurricane Relief (Stumpy Creek) 2012 Hearts with Haiti Raleigh Donation: Holy Cross School The Belize Zoo NC Governor’s School
2009 Inst. Music
From Wilson County
By attending GSE, I have been shown what it costs to stick out in a crowd and have altered my entire educational perspective in a positive way because of that. GSE 2009 fueled the rest of my life.
2004 Dance
From Iredell County
My occupation was not listed above. I currently work for Appalachian Voices, an environmental 501-C3 non-profit based in Boone, NC and with offices in Knoxville, Charlottesville, and Washington, DC. Our basic goal is to combat the United States’ dependence on coal, with a more specific goal of eradicating the method of mountain-top removal as an extraction method.
1963 Inst. Music
From sampson County
Served 28 yrs in NC National Guard
1987 Theater
From Craven County
I am senior director of foundation relations for Sojourners (www.sojo.net). We played a key role in preventing automatic budget cuts for programs serving low-income people in the U.S. when the Super Committee failed to come to agreement on how to lower the deficit. We also work on making the U.S. more welcoming to immigrants and speak out against intolerance and extremism. We have an award-winning magazine that covers a range of issues relevant to faith in action for social justice.
1989 Theater
From Cleveland County
In my career as a Naval Officer, I have not had as much opportunity as I would like to volunteer in Disaster Relief efforts. I have, however, contributed as part of my service, to the recovery of Indonesia in 2005 and Japan in 2011.
2008 Choral Music
From Durham County
I am currently on a study abroad program wherein I work with mediation centers in Derry, Northern Ireland. (volunteer work)
1992 Natural Science
From Alamance County
My wife and I (who is also a GS alumni) received the 2008 NC Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service (Gates Co) from the NC Governor’s Office.
2011 Choral Music
From Wake County
I have participated in some charity events benefitting St. Judes Childrens’ Research Hospital through a club at my school.
2011 Social Science
From Rutherford County
I am a student completing my senior year in high school with definite plans to attend college. I intend to be an active citizen when I join society as an adult.
2001 Natural Science
From Wilkes County
I am a Teach for America alumni – if that helps in any way!
1981 Choral Music
From Guilford County
I work for the Indian Health Service. I have served as President of the Oregon Academy of Family Physicians.
1990 English
From Guilford County
I taught high school in NC public schools for 4 years. Now I am in my 10th year working for public education advocacy organizations (non-profits).
1990 Social Science
From Cumberland County
Also currently serve in the Navy Reserve.
2011 Art
From Moore County
I attend Aberdeen First Baptist Church and youth group, serve on the Student Government at my school, and take part in both the Interact Service Club and National Honors Society.
1963 Choral Music
From Hertford County
Served 31 years in the Navy
2011 Choral Music
From Buncombe County
I have not had much time to do any of these things seeing as i go to UNCSA’s high school program for Drama, however my career goals include Search and Rescue, Firefighting, and working at an orphanage and helping the kids work through possible past traumas through theatre.
1980 Math
From Currituck County
I am the Finance Director for the County of Currituck and have worked in the Finance Office since 1988.
2010 Inst. Music
From Alamance County
Since my time at Governor’s School, I have regularly tutored struggling math students at my high school.
1963 Inst. Music
From Davidson County
I am the President of a non-profit foundation that provides scholarship and healthcare for injured pianists and organists to heal from injury or to earn a Professional Certificate In Injury-Preventive Keyboard Technique form the College where I have taught and administrated for 26 years in NC.
1987 Theater
From Lee County
I work in International Development. You guys really need a better list of employment options. Not even communications or government listed above.
1995 Natural Science
From Macon County
I have been an NC District Court Judge; a Maggie Valley Town Alderman; have donated to charity; have worked for Legal Aid of NC, Inc., providing legal services to the indigent; have provided court-appointed and pro bono services to the indigent in NC.