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July 9, 2011: News 14 Carolina – GS Students work to maintain program.

July 8, 2011: News and Observer – A Treasure Being Lost to Budget Cuts (Op-Ed by Randy Foy)

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July 6, 2011: Daily Tar Heel – NC Governor’s School Seeks Alumni Donations, Private Funding

July 6: 2011: News and Observer – Cuts for Governor’s School may end summer program for gifted students

July 3, 2011: W-S Journal – Legislators cut state money to Governor’s School of North Carolina.

July 1, 2011: Letter to the Editor by Randy Foy, GSW Orchestra Conductor.

Governor’s School requiem?

Among the casualties of the recent state budget is the Governor’s School of North Carolina.

Started in 1963, it stands as the first state-supported summer program for gifted high school students in academics and the arts in the nation. Bright high-school students are selected and come from all socio-economic backgrounds from across North Carolina, attesting to our statewide commitment to education. Programs in many states have been modeled after this original Governor’s School concept started by Terry Sanford.

I was a student at the Governor’s School program in its early years (1967) and returned to teach at the Salem College campus for many summers. The program focuses on contemporary thought — the kind that stretches the mind in courses ranging from genetics to string theory to experimental music, keeping the curriculum ever current.

It is a small part of North Carolina’s nurturing of innovation. Alumni often view the summer at Governor’s School as a pivotal educational experience in spurring lifelong inquiry.

After 49 sessions, this summer may be the last. Work is under way turning to the private sector to make it possible for the program to continue to challenge and serve bright students from North Carolina, regardless of background. The high-quality program has existed on a shoestring budget from the state (less than $900,000), but that has ended. Outside funding is crucial in keeping Governor’s School alive for North Carolina, and the non-profit N.C. Governor’s School Foundation is working to find a solution.



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