Serve with GSAA
There are several opportunities to assist the association. The Executive Board is comprised of six officers: President, Vice President for GS East, Vice President for GS West, Secretary, Treasurer, and Alumnus-at-Large. There is also the Board of Directors representing the various decades of each campus. Currently that totals at 11 positions (The number is odd due to the fact there was no East in the 1960’s). The Board positions are very flexible in regards to the amount of activity. We are also always looking for people who may not want to serve a term but are willing to loan us their skills temporarily or help organize an event in their area. If any of these opportunities interest you feel free to email

Write Your Legislators!
If you have just returned from Governor’s School, the GSAA asks that you write your state legislators and tell them what you thought of the program. Every year, Governor’s School has to prove its value to the people who fund it, the state government. Your letters go a long way to convincing them that GS is worth keeping. You can find out who represents you at The General Assembly Home Page. Look at the top for the Who Represents Me lookup, find out who your representatives are, and write them. It’s the best thing you can do for the Governor’s School, so please, write them today.


Looking for Content
Attention all alumni, we are looking for archives for the NCGSAlumni site. We are looking for yearbook scans, pictures of items such as t-shirts, photos from your time at GS or Alumni days, even videos and audio recordings. We are looking for your stories and memories.  We are looking for success stories, and we are looking for your take on what Governor’s School meant to you.  Please email your submissions to

Update Your Information in the Alumni Database
Help us keep in touch with you! Please update your contact information in our Alumni Database. Everyone is in there, whether you joined the GSAA or not. From 1963 to now, you can find long-lost friends, and help them find you!