GSE 2012


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The best way to find out is to look yourself up in the GSAA Alumni Database. But we realize that some of the data there is incomplete, especially if you attended Governor’s School prior to 1998. Some of the records are missing, some records never got updated. But here are a few simple guidelines that you can use to verify your status.

1. If you attended GS prior to 1987 and have never attended a reunion, then the Database is the only record of your status that we have available.

2. If you attended GS prior to 1987 and have attended a reunion or Alumni Day event since 1987, then you are a member. If the database is incorrect, write to the with your name, year, campus, and current contact information to get your status updated.

3. If you attended GS in any year from 1987 to 1997 AND you attended your reunion weekend the winter after the session, you are a member. Again, send us E-mail at the link above so that we can update your records if they are wrong.

4. If you attended GS between 1987 and 1997 and did not attend your winter reunion, then the Alumni Database is the final arbiter.

5. If you attended GS in 1998 or beyond, our records are the only way of knowing. Records for 1998 and beyond are accurate and are kept updated.


Membership is $20.00. Currently, this is a one-time fee to cover lifetime membership.