Below are the websites for alumni, students, faculty and staff of NC Governor’s School.

Send your name, info and a link to the Webmaster and we will add you to the list!

Bryan Crumpler
Governor’s School 1996 East Math. Classical Musician, Clarinetist.

Kathy Marren Newbern
GS ’72, Star in your own romantic novel from her website

Kelly Jo Garner
Governor’s School 1991 East

Nicolle Neulist
GSW 1998. Blog Site about happenings, rants, and miscellany from a GSW’er who is now going through the insanity that is law school.

Richard Cray
Governor’s School alum, Performer, Singer, Actor

Robin Cox
Governor’s School Faculty and founder of Robin Cox Ensemble

Ross White
Governor’s School East ’92. Personal Web site.

Sarah Derr
Governor’s School West 2008. Her band is called The Commanderrs.

Stephanie Jobe
Governor’s School West 2004 Drama.  Book blog and website.

Tony Patterson
Governor’s School West 1977. Photography, primarily of North Carolina

Thomas J. Dempster
Governor’s School West 1997 Instrumental Music. (TA/C at GSE from 2001-2006 and Area II faculty at GSE from 2009-2012) Composer, performer, and music professor now living in South Carolina.