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Return to GS Every Year

Greetings, Alumni from all across the state, all across the nation, and across all walks of life.

Every year, each GS campus opens its doors to the GS Alumni Association and invites alumni to return to GS for a day. Each annual event is centered on allowing the students to get back in touch with their classmates, and to take a moment to relive the special summer that brought us together.

Typically, Alumni Day is the Saturday of the fourth weekend of the Governor’s School session. (This is usually between the 10th and 17th of July, but the GSAA will announce the date every year). Some years, Alumni Day is a special GS event marking some milestone in the history of GS, as it was in 2012 for the GS 50thAnniversary Celebration. But most years, it’s a simpler event of meetings, seminars, games, and presentations. Come and see what the current students are learning. Come and engage in a little learning yourself.

2018 Alumni Day

Alumni Day will be on Saturday, July 14, 2018 for both campuses.

2018 Facebook Event

This year’s schedule:

2018 GSE Schedule                     2018 GSW Schedule


If you have questions concerning Alumni Day, you can contact the GSAA through the following means:


Registration: You must be a GSAA member to attend a GSAA event. You can check your membership status by looking up your own record in the Alumni Database. In the Year Paid category. If you have a year then you are a paid member. If the year is blank then you still need to join.


RaleighNC  Information
Hotel and Visitor Information can be found at:
Look for hotels near the State Fairgrounds, RBC Center, or NCSU to be close to Meredith.

Winston-SalemNC Information
Hotel and Visitor Information can be found at:
Look for hotels near Old Salem to be close to Salem College.